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What is Concrete Floor Cutting?

Concrete Floor Cutting is the art of percision cutting of concrete. Some of the main processes are Track Cutting, Road/Floor Cutting, Wire Cutting and cut/break sawing.

Track Sawing

Our Wall Sawing service utilises the best quality circular diamond blades, in a wide range of sizes. Some of our most widely used blades range from 600mm-2000mm in diameter to create absolute precision. The cuts that these saws use are called “tracks”, – usually to a a depth of 730mm . Track sawing is the preferred method for cutting doorways, floors, windows and stair & lift shaft openings.

Road & Floor Sawing

Concrete sawing is often needed for road and floors. The tools we usually use for this are high power diesel powered saws. This high precision equipment can cut through heavily reinforced concrete (or asphalt) to depths nearing 600mm. This is done quickly and accurately so is perfect for sawing horizontal surfaces, such as roads, pavements & external floor when section removal is needed.

Cut and break Sawing

Cut and break machines are used to make deep cuts, more economically. This is used where stitch coring is not possible or small opes are to be cut. We do this using tools that are powered by petrol engines or electrical (110v power) for internal use. This type of sawing enables us to cut as deep as 400mm from one side. Two high speed blades are used to make a core in the saw cut which can easily broken off using a small cordless breaker. This Method is suitable for forming service openings in concrete and block walls, or for that small windows.

Wire Sawing

Another type of service that we provide is diamond wire sawing. This service uses a diamond wire, fed through a series of pullys. This method easily cuts where its not possible to use other sawing methods. This equipment is perfect for removal of areas of heavy reinforced steel – especially where access is limited. We use this in bridges, columns, and beams.

We use a wide range of drilling equipment providers including Hilti. We use electric, pneumatic, and hydraulic drills for concrete core drilling – the right tool, for the right job.

We are experienced, reliable and offer great rates. We value customer service have an excellent safety record and are relied upon by some of the biggest names in Dublin. If you require core drilling in Dublin, look no further!

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